professional gang in music promotion services and consulting for record companies, labels, managements and artists! professional fixer, solving problems not only for the city’s rich and famous!

Music is our passion!
The Artist is the center of the universe! The stage belongs to the artist, we pave the way for them, we pull the stings for the spotlight. The more we know of and about the artist, the better we can represent the artists: Personality, vita, music, lyrics, imagery, rights, individual goals, strengths, weaknesses, No Go’s… We represent the artists in the media and prepare his way! We define the goals together!

The creativity and passion for music make us unique but not great. Our work does not begin with the availability of the single. With our whole experience, we start early with the buzz of a new project. Togetherness and cooperation is the key to success. We focus on long-term and complete projects.
Quality takes time
Our Focus is on long-term and complete projects. We consider several levels (processing, perceiving media / consumer). Music often takes longer to arrive where it belongs. Prerequisite: perfect preparation, long breath persistence!
Less is more
Concentrated and focused working on fewer and selected topics. We develop individual concepts that are tailored to artists and project. Every artist will be optimal and personally guided by us. We only accept what we can justify qualitatively.

Talking helps
We prefer a direct, clear and transparent communication with all stakeholders / managers -> we create active control (clarity without weapons). The personal contact with media, clients, artists + environment in written and spoken language is our working basis.