S!sters "Sister"

19.03.2019 15:56:39 | beate
Unser Lied für Israel!

Single: "Sister" 22.02.2019

S!sters is a female duo made up of Carlotta Truman and Laura Kastel, recently winning the German National Selection Unser Lied fur Israel to represent Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. 

Carlotta Truman is a 19-year-old German singer/songwriter and finalist in season 3 of Das Supertalent 2009 and The Voice Kids 2014. She had already won the German Rock & Pop awards in 5 categories by the time she was 12 years old, and she has performed together with Revolverheld at NDR’s Papenburg Festival and Alex Christensen and the Berlin Orchestra in Willkommen 2018. 

Laurita Spinelli is a 26 year old singer/songwriter who won SDF’s Kiddy Contest at the age of 10 and appeared on numerous recordings. As soon as she finished school, Laura’s began to sing as a back-up vocalist on tour for The Voice of Germany and more recently for Germany’s Eurovision winner, Lena. Laura has been working on writing and producing new music over the last year. 

“Sister” is a message for women and girls around the world. The song is about choosing to celebrate each other’s power rather than competing with one another. An honest conversation between Carlotta and Laura disarms us as we watch them recognize they cannot stop each other from succeeding. This acceptance evolves into a place of empowerment towards each other to become their very best selves. A song to join forces and inspire us all, “Sister” reminds us that we are stronger together.