MATTIS "To The Rhythm"

09.05.2019 12:51:42 | beate
Der dänische 2,03m große ehemalige PunkRocker kommt mit neuer Musik!

Single: "To The Rhythm" 10.05.2019

 "An intense, pummeling trip." – DIY

"Stunningly soulful...MATTIS is about to become your new favorite singer." – Wonderland

"A superb voice that oozes unbridled color and petrifying dynamism... it's lit!" - Huffington Post

"More than a one-and-done." - HillyDilly

31 years old. 6’8”. Soulful. Fantastic live performer. Strong presence.

Combine the list above with a songwriting universe that adds mystique, darkness and honest personal life experience and you have the ingredients that make MATTIS such a fantastic person, artist and performer. 

Copenhagen native MATTIS made his masterful introduction with his wistful solo debut “Loverboy”, now netting over one million streams on Spotify. After hitting #1 on the Hypemachine trending chart twice, playing Roskilde Festival & writing for tv shows & series, Mattis has been busy creating new music during the last six months.  

MATTIS is now ready to release new material starting with the pumping energetic single “To The Rhythm”. 

“To The Rhythm is about not letting yourself being dictated by anybody’s expectations and opinions about you. In our heads we always like to put things in boxes in order to take in this huge world, including people. So, if you change and evolve as a person and act out the ordinary of what you used to, then you suddenly don’t fit that box anymore and most people are not going to like that.” says Mattis about his latest song. 

The impelling power of the song is a statement in itself. It makes you straighten your back and raise your head – To The Rhythm.