Kim Petras "Icy" and releases "Clarity Project"

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Kim Petras: "Icy" 28.06.2019
Project: "Clarity" 28.06.2019

The new project contains all the singles from her second era, including ‘Icy’, ‘Broken’, ‘Got My Number’, ‘Blow It All’, ‘Sweet Spot’, ‘Do Me’ 
and more…
Stream the “Clarity” project here
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“Kim Petras is every inch the total pop princess” – NME
“Defiantly hedonistic pop music” – The Guardian
“A true, unapologetic poptimist” – Noisey
“Pop’s most exciting star is tearing up the rulebook” – Gay Times
 “A pop queen in the making” – Wonderland
 “If there’s one pop starlet to watch, it’s definitely Kim Petras” – i-D
“Kim Petras is making pop music great again” – Galore
“Future pop icon” – Music Week
Kim Petras has released “Clarity” – a brand new project encapsulating 12 original songs from her second era. Stream here. In a radical move for a pop star, Kim has been releasing a new single every week for the past 10 weeks, taking her fans on a journey starting with the deeply personal ‘Broken’ (listen) through to the latest stone cold banger, ‘Icy’.
With 2018’s ‘Heart to Break’, Kim established herself as a pop force to watch for, racking up over 150 million global streams and earning her admirers like Demi Lovato and Charli XCX, but it was heartbreak and a year of personal growth that shaped her new material. 
While Kim was belting out exuberant pop melodies night after night on tour to eager fans who sing every line back to her, she was quietly going through a bad break up. “I felt like I needed to cover that up all the time,” Kim said. “I was doing back-to-back shows, singing all of these super happy songs, and then I would go and cry in my hotel room.”
“Writing for me was – and is – therapy. I’m a songwriter first before anything else,” she adds. The resulting first taster of this era – ‘Broken’ – unveiled a more personal side to the ‘woo-ah!’ pop vixen’s repertoire, and fans and critics alike took note. The FADER welcomed this “darker and more grounded” direction while Wonderland praised Kim for “showing off her vulnerable side while simultaneously giving a big ‘fuck you’ to past lovers”. 
From writing ‘Broken’ and similarly emotional singles like ‘All I Do Is Cry’ and ‘Another One’, Kim found catharsis and newfound confidence. “There’s a little bit of an arc to this era,” Kim explains. “Because ‘Broken’ leads into ‘Clarity’, and I’ve learnt that a lot of the little things that go wrong in life don’t really matter at the end of the day. If anything, I’m now a stronger person because of them.” Everything in between hits on all the relatable phases in post-break up life. 
“I have these club, hoe anthems because after a break-up you want to go out and have fun,” Kim said, pointing out mischievous bangers like ‘Meet The Parents’ and ‘Got My Number’ (listen), which hears her leak her best friend’s phone number and tease “I don’t wanna be a good girl tonight. I just wanna be your bad girl, alright.”
Sonically, on the project’s moodier hues, Kim has drawn on Rihanna, Post Malone and Lana Del Rey for inspiration but she never strays far from her bombastic pop roots. ‘Sweet Spot’ (listen) is an iridescent disco-pop number that recalls the effervescence of her idol Kylie Minogue’s Fever era. ‘Personal Hell’ (listen) is a nod to the stomping synth-pop of Soft Cell through the gaze of Britney’s “Blackout”, while the raunchy ‘Do Me’ hears her fuse 80s power synths with a slick, hip hop flow. 
There are shots of pure hedonism on “Clarity” too, and it’s clear that after years of hustling to make it in the industry, life in the fast lane suits Kim. On ‘Blow It All’ (listen), she playfully flexes about her lavish lifestyle, singing “Yeah I feel like I made it, waited all my life. Everybody rollin’ trynna feel alive. Can’t take it with ya, blow it all tonight.” Meanwhile, the project’s introspective closer ‘Shinin’’ is an inspirational message for her fans, encouraging them to keep shining through personal hardships.   
The “Clarity” project has so far amassed over 11.5 million streams and kept Kim dominating Spotify’s New Music Friday and Apple’s Best of The Week global playlists for 10 consecutive weeks.
Kim is currently completing her first ever headline tour across North America, which sold out during pre-sales. The “Broken Tour” hits Europe in August, including a sold out show at London’s Heaven on 27 August. While in the UK, Kim will also be performing at Leeds Festival (23 August), Manchester Pride (24 August) and Reading Festival (25 August). For all live updates, visit  
Kim, who is a self-directing independent artist and songwriter, debuted with the #1 Spotify Global Viral 50 bop ‘I Don’t Want It At All’, which features a cameo by Paris Hilton in the music video. Since then, Kim has opened for Troye Sivan on The Bloom Tour across North America and headlined Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras 2019. While in Australia, Kim was also invited by Rita Ora to open on her Phoenix World Tour. The German-born pop prodigy also attracted critical acclaim for her Halloween mixtape last year “TURN OFF THE LIGHT VOL. 1”, with a follow-up due this October. She has also racked up millions of streams through her collaborations with Charli XCX, SOPHIE and Cheat Codes. 
“Clarity” – track list 
1. Clarity
2. Icy
3. Got My Number
4. Sweet Spot
5. Personal Hell
6. Broken
7. All I Do is Cry
8. Do Me
9. Meet The Parents
10. Another One
11. Blow It All
12. Shinin’
Friday 23 August – Leeds Festival, Leeds, UK
Saturday 24 August – Manchester Pride, Manchester, UK
Sunday 25 August – Reading Festival, Reading, UK
Tuesday 27 August – Heaven, London, UK [SOLD OUT]
Friday 30 August – La Maroquinerie, Paris, France
Sunday 1 September – Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands 
Tuesday 3 September – Bi Nuu, Berlin, Germany
Wednesday 4 September – Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld, Cologne, Germany